I know nothing about Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines 2 except that it’s a video game that will be released next year. Even though I’ve read zero about this game, its plot, characters or gameplay, I have a few ideas. You’re going to read them here.

I will start by assuming that Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines 2 is a sequel, judging by the number 2 positioned at the end of the title. This could also indicate that there are 2 or more bloodlines at play in the main questline; however, I believe that in this case it indicates a sequel and that the first game was good enough to spawn a revisiting of the original themes and characters.

We can also assume that the game is about one or more vampires. Again, this isn’t specific. There is only one vampire in the title. If there were more than one vampire, wouldn’t it say Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2? So is there only one vampire? Not likely.

Perhaps the question can be answered by the next part of the title. Vampire: The Masquerade… indicates that perhaps the Vampire is part of a masquerade, or masked ball. Maybe the Vampire of the title is not really a Vampire at all and its entire existence is simply a masquerade, using the alternative meaning of a farce. Another reading is that this particular masquerade has been named ‘Vampire’, as indicated by the colon, but I reject that premise as not likely.

Of course this interpretation becomes infinitely more interesting once we hit …Bloodlines… Historically, bloodlines were a way to trace connections to royalty. (An alternative use of the word is in reference to breeding animals for certain desirable traits, not a likely match for this discussion.) Most lore speculates that vampires are not able to reproduce sexually- rendering the literal definition of both meanings moot.

In this instance, we should look at the way vampires are said to be created, which is from an exchange of blood. This would be the most likely reason for the use of the term Bloodlines – the giving and consuming of blood create vampires. The word being plural does indicate the presence of multiple bloodlines, which would be difficult to achieve in a single vampire. Each vampire would descend from only one bloodline, would this point back to the singularity of the word vampire? My conclusion is that this title suffers from excessive punctuation.

So what is this game about? I have no fucking clue, but I’ll probably end up playing it, so there you go.