No Man’s Sky is already a great game that has given its players an entire universe to explore and create. The game can be whatever you want. Like exploring planets and discovering crazy critters? You can do that. Want to spend your time constructing extravagant bases? You can do that too. Want to become a billionaire space pirate? Yup- that’s possible.

However with all of these possibilities there are some things that hold NMS back and many members of the community have been requesting for a long time. So here are 5 of those things that would really take the game from great, to the greatest in the infinite universe.

More Diversity

Most planets fall into a few categories: Tropical, Nuclear, Fungal, Scalding, Frozen, No Atmosphere or Breach. This variety can lean to some beautiful worlds but after a few dozen warps you begin to see the same thing over and over. This sameness applies to the plant and animal life as well. While there are endless combinations from procedural generation, you tend to feel like you’ve seen it all before.

Some players want to see multiple biomes on the same planet but I think just a general update in diversity would go a long way. There really hasn’t been an update in biome appearance since Visions updated underwater scenery in 2018. Giving us additional planet types or adding assets to the current library would go a long way towards the variety we’re craving.

More Building Assets

We’ve gotten some new building assets in each update but since base building was introduced in Foundation there hasn’t been a major building library update. While what you need for a solid base exists, some base building diehards (like me!) would love to see a beefed up variety of objects for base building.

There are also some objects that are available for purchase on the Nexus that aren’t available for practical building. What did I spend my Salvaged Tech on, Hello Games?!

Ship Trading

It’s happened to all of us. You’re flying around in our new favorite explorer and decide to stop at an Orbital Station for some upgrades, when in flies that Squid you’ve been searching for. You want it, but you don’t want to get rid of your current ship, as your mind wanders to that shitty fighter you got early in your game. Why can’t I trade that instead?????

Ship swapping and designs have long frustrated players. While I actually like not being able to customize my ship (embrace the randomness), it would be cool to have the option to trade for another ship while flying around in the one you like. Right now, you basically have to use the ships you want to trade in order to possibly get a new one you like better.

Galactic Monuments*

Since Beyond 2.15, NMS has added a cool new featured bases option in the Nexus teleporter. It’s really nice to visit other bases since coming across them in the wild is very unlikely. However, bad behavior by visitors has really frustrated some long time players.

It’s great to visit these amazing creations by fellow interlopers, but since every player can’t be expected to behave responsibly, Hello Games should make these monuments off limits to terrain manipulation or base building during their featured period and possibly Beyond.

*This issue was fixed in the 2.16 update, awesome work Hello Games!

Inventory Management

To say that the inventory management in No Man’s Sky is ideal would be a huge exaggeration. While inventory slot quantities were increased drastically in Beyond, the ability to manage inventory across all storage units is still incredibly frustrating.

Currently, if a player wants to craft, they need to run between storage units to find the correct components. Creating a storage unit management tool that could be purchased would be a huge improvement. Another option would be to add storage units to general inventory when on base. It would also be cool if we could add a Free Stuff box to our bases where inventory could be left or taken, an incentive to find and visit bases around the Galaxy.

How do you think NMS could improve? Let us know.

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