To date, I have around 500 hours of play time in NMS between PS4 and PC. I’ve seen a few things and like everyone with a little bit of experience and a blog, want to give you advice.

Use Your Refiner, Man

Early game No Man’s Sky is extremely grindy and constantly looking for materials can get old fast. Do yourself a favor: get the large or medium refiner and save yourself a lot of time. Need more Ferrite Dust to build? An easy source is refining all of that Rusted Metal you’ve been picking up at cargo drops. Need more Emeril? Add the Emeril you have to a refiner with some Chromatic Metal to produce tons of the stuff.

Personally, I’m always running out of Carbon for my construction projects, but Oxygen is plentiful. Oxygen refines into Carbon for all of your building needs. Here’s a helpful list of everything you can make with a refiner and a dream. Just don’t leave stuff in your refiner when you leave your base or quit playing for the day- things have a habit of disappearing.

Star Silk

Want to build a chair so you can sit at your desk to fill out the paperwork for your new ship? Better get some Star Silk. WTF? While most of the things in your base are made out of materials that are around you, Star Silk is a trading commodity that you need to buy- and it’s not always easy to find. There’s no sure fire way to find systems that sell it, so whenever you land at an Orbital Station, take a look to see if it’s for sale. Buy some extra when you find it, you’re going to need it.

Need Units? Just Ask.

No Man’s Sky is a game that can be whatever you want it to be, but generally you’ll need units to get there. There are ways to grind for it: farming, finding ancient bones or salvageable scrap or playing the intergalactic commodities market. You can also just ask.

Most people don’t want to be seen as leeches, but if you pop into the Nexus and ask if anyone has any extra units they can spare- you’ll find more than a few people with extra stuff they’re willing to give you. They can’t give you units directly but usually, they’ll hand over high value items that you can easily sell to make a quick mint. Don’t be ashamed- the community is pretty cool and is generally willing to help you get on your feet.

Get Blueprints

In order to build the cool bases you’ve seen all over the place, you’ll need to purchase Blueprints at the Nexus. In order to get these, you can find Salvaged Technology scattered all planets in occupied systems. Dig them up and redeem to expand your base options.

There are also other blueprints you’ll need to get in order to produce the really high value items that can ensure you get the best S-Class Freighter in the Galaxy. When you find a manufacturing facility, shoot down the door and get to the terminal. If you know enough of the language, you’ll be able to input the correct function to power up the facility. The reward is Factory Override Units. These allow you to purchase blueprints for things like Stasis Device, Circuit Board, Quantum Processor and more of the high value items you see floating around. Another way to get Factory Override Units is to complete missions at the Nexus. Get enough of these to get to Galactic Platinum status in no time.

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