Phew! That first hour was crazy wasn’t it? Now it’s time to dive into base building and intergalactic trade in the second hour of No Man’s Sky. First, a bit of important info: NMS features three main species you’ll encounter regularly and two minor species that you’ll meet occasionally. The Vy’keen, Gek and Korvax control most of the planets. Other Travellers and Atlas will give you important information that you’ll need to complete main questline missions.

Look for a good spot

Once you launch into space, you’ll see an incoming message. Read it and follow the icon to your next mission. It should be on a different planet and will most likely have a different biome than the one you started out on. Same rules, keep checking your life support and recharge as necessary.

For this mission, I would suggest looking for a Trading Post, Habitable Outpost or a building with landing pads. The reason for this is that your launch thruster is going to cost 50% of your fuel each takeoff, so you want to minimize the necessity of constantly creating new fuel. If you’re lucky enough to be on a Radioactive planet, there’s an abundance of Uranium you can mine (which can be used to fuel the launcher), so that helps.

Whoa! Two habitable outposts!! Looks like my new home.

Time to build a base

Once you’ve made a successful landing, you’ll be prompted to build a base computer. For this, you’ll need Chromatic Metal. Find a source of Copper, mine as much as possible and set up a refiner to process it. Don’t worry if you create too much, you’ll need it later. Build the computer and claim your first base!

Your first base mission will be to build a small structure. You’ll need a lot of carbon for this so blast and nearby trees or large mushrooms to get enough. Once you’ve built a full structure, you’re done. Go back to the base computer for your next assignment. Now you’re building a construction terminal. This will set you up for additional blueprints you’ll need to make the more elaborate structures you’ve seen out there.

Simple but sturdy

Once you’ve built the terminal, you’ll be prompted to visit the space station to recruit a Gek to help you out. Once you’ve recruited him (or her, who knows?), return to your base and check with the Gek for further instructions. This is where it gets slightly confusing a people tend to get frustrated and give up. You’ll need to create a Science Terminal and staff it with a Korvax Scientist. To do this, you’ll need to visit another star system.

Grab your refiner- you might need it. Also process two technology blueprints to create a teleporter to make getting back to your base easier.

Warp Time

At this point you should have 3 active missions: Awakenings, Base building and Science Terminal. Click back to the Awakenings and build the Blueprint Analyzer and find some Technology Blueprints to analyze by scanning the horizon and looking for the icon. Once you’re done, you can finally move on to constructing your Hyperdrive and start exploring. There should be a new icon on another planet indicating an abandoned building. Go to it and download the blueprint for Antimatter Housing and get a unit of Antimatter. Now you can make Warp Fuel.

These guys mean business

Bonus: Surrounding the abandoned building will be something very interesting: huge egg sacs that you can shoot and a green ball emerges. Each of these are worth ~67K units. It’s a great way to get cash money, but be careful of the Biological Horrors that pop out and try to kill you. I would suggest shooting the sac, grabbing the larvae and jumping to the roof of the building until the swarm subsides. It’s tedious but rewarding.

Bonus Extra: These sacs are called Whispering Eggs. There are similar ones called Humming Eggs that are worth less but with no Biological Horrors; just don’t let the sentinals see you harvesting them.

Now that you have your warp drive (and maybe some cash), you can go get that Korvax. Go into your Warp Menu and choose the system with the icon. You might need to change the Warp mode to Free Explore to get there, it should be fairly close. Warp on over and two icons will pop up for places you’ll need to go: the Space Station to get the scientist and a planet to get your Antimatter blueprint. It doesn’t matter which you do first, but make sure you complete both before returning to your base, either warping back or using the teleporter on the Space Station.

With your scientist ready at its post, you are ready to explore the universe and your second hour of No Man’s Sky is one for the books! The Gek and Korvax at your terminals will give you more missions to complete. Get ready to earn more blueprints to create more things to allow you to do more stuff and earn more money.

Bonus: Intergalactic Trading

One of the coolest parts of No Man’s Sky in the intergalactic trade network. In most Trade Terminals, you’ll see some products that you can’t use for crafting: stuff like Star Silk or Enormous Cog. Next to it will be the cost and its relative value. If the value is significantly lower, it will be in green- significantly higher in red. You can make a good amount of money by buying items in high supply systems, and selling them at a profit in a low supply system. Just remember that you can effect the value by dumping a lot of an item at once, so stagger your sales or sell to individual traders.

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