Space exploration and grind have always been my bag, so while I may not have as many hours as some out there, here are some early game No Man’s Sky tips that will help you get started. If you want a more in-depth guide, check out my post on how to play the first hour.

Adjust Multi-Player Settings

I’m absolutely terrified of playing anything online, but have really enjoyed my interactions with the NMS community. People will drop into your game, give you some stuff and fly off with a wave. You might also make some new friends along the way. However, there are some griefers out there and when you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to adjust your settings to prevent unnecessary deaths or someone destroying your base. Luckily, Hello Games has made it easy. Just head over to Options > Network and make a few quick changes.

Turn off that damage setting!

Learn the Local Language

There are three main species in No Man’s Sky and they all speak different languages that you’ll need to learn. These can lead to blueprints for crafting high value items and getting the S-Class of your dreams. There are a few ways to pick up the language.

This fella is hella helpful

You can pay NPCs to teach you a new word when you’re visiting a station, trading post or sometimes habitable outposts. Korvax want copper, Gek want units and Vy’keen want Mordite. This is the quickest way to pick up the language, especially if there are a few in each area willing to teach you.

The more you know…

Another option is to find knowledge stones dotted around the planet. These will give you one word for the dominant species in the system. You’ll also see Monuments that have several of these stones and will give you a few words if you answer their question correctly. There will also be encyclopedias in some buildings that hand out words.

Learning is good and stuff

Beef up your Scanner

Scanning flora, fauna and minerals is the easiest way to earn units, but you can earn much, much more with a few upgrades.

Space Stations will have vendors that sell upgrades for your multi-tool. After improving your life support and hazard protection, your next major investment should be improvement to your Scanner with S-Class upgrades. Make sure to place the upgrade next to the Scanner module and beside any other Scanner upgrades to get the most out of it.

Reminder: Need to get that 3rd S Scanner Upgrade

You can purchase and use up to 3 upgrades and once you’ve maxed out, you can make up to 250,000 350,000* units per scan!

*UPDATE: I finally added a third S Scanner Upgrade and now I’m raking it in!

Upload Your Discoveries

Getting enough nanites in the early game can be a rough pursuit, but uploading your discoveries, especially if you’re scanning everything you encounter, can add up.

Nanites galore!

To upload discoveries, go into your Options menu and choose Discoveries. There are a few places to upload so do each of them for max nanites. You also get a bonus if you discover all flora or fauna on a planet, so it’s worth the effort.

Locate a Portal

Players all over the galaxy have set up farms, flagged great gear and started communities. The easiest way to reach them is to use a Portal.

Friendly neighborhood portal

Every planet should have a Portal and they’re easy enough to find once you locate a Monument. When the Monument asks you a question, simply give it the requested item (an artifact of the local species), and it will point you in the direction of the nearest Portal that you can activate with elements from your inventory.

Don’t Piss off the Sentinals (unless you must)

Sentinals can make your life miserable, so unless you have the firepower, lay off the mining when they find you.

What’s your deal, bro?

If you didn’t heed their warnings and jump into your ship, don’t leave low orbit until your wanted level goes down. Losing them in space is much more difficult!

Do you have any No Man’s Sky tips that you feel the need to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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